Are you getting the most from your residential air conditioning in Glendale, AZ?

Residential Air Conditioning Glendale AZ
An AC system is an investment in your comfort, home, and future. You want to start out right with an install from certified technicians. Regular maintenance over a units lifespan will ensure it lasts a long time. Once you need a replacement, you’ll have the option to consider new units. Having a local residential air conditioning company in Glendale, AZ that you trust is crucial. That’s why so many residents choose Sunrise Mechanical Inc. They know we’ll be by their side throughout their entire AC ownership.

What should you expect from your home AC system?

  1. An AC unit that’s sized correctly for your home. If you don’t get a properly sized air conditioning unit, you’ll pay for it. Incorrect sizing (either too large or small) wears out a unit much sooner. It increases the cycling, run-time, or both. That wears your unit out and ups your electricity bill.
  2. Reliable heating and cooling. Reliability is built into certain brands. Your residential AC company should have access to a range of models. At Sunrise Mechanical Inc we only install trusted brands with an established reputation. We choose models based on length of ownership, ease of ownership, and manufacturer warranties.
  3. Cooling the way you want it. All systems are not created equally. Central air cools a whole home at one time, cooling every room at once. A mini-split system cools with an air handler in each room. That lets you cool rooms independently. We help you understand all of your options. That way you can critically evaluate each choice in order to make the best one.

What makes our residential AC company in Glendale your best choice?

We are your full-service air conditioning system supplier. Residents choose us because we are with them at every step in the process. Finding a company you can depend on now will help you your entire life. Glendale, AZ isn’t getting any cooler, but with our help, you’ll never have to worry about it.

  • Air conditioning installation – We work with your budget and measure air flow needs. That way you get the perfect residential AC system.
  • AC repairs – Our repairs are done using OEM or OEM spec parts. These last longer and perform better than non-spec parts.
  • Air conditioner maintenance – Servicing is performed at seasonal intervals. This works best to prevent problems during summer and monsoon season.
  • AC retrofitting – Retrofits are done to specification. We recommend mini split systems for their versatility and small footprint.
  • HVAC system inspections – If you are experiencing performance loss, odd noise, or other problems call us now for an immediate and thorough inspection.

Call us today to schedule your consultation!

If it involves and air conditioner and your home, we’re the company to call. We’ll consult with you over the phone, provide an estimate, and schedule services. There’s no reason to put off your AC needs for another day. Just call or contact us and let our technicians do all the hard work.