Gas Furnace Repair

Gas Furnace Repair Glendale AZ
Nights can get cold, especially in December and January. Dealing with an incorrectly working gas furnace during this time is especially problematic. The easiest way to get you furnace working correctly is with the gas furnace repair Glendale AZ trusts most. With over a century of collective experience, dedicated certified technicians, and affordable pricing, make Sunrise Mechanical Inc. your trusted source for gas furnace repair today.

There are variety of common problems we encounter. Gas furnace repair, Peoria AZ benefits from most involves several steps. Every job begins with a thorough diagnosis. We’ll discuss the problem with you to identify what occurred and when it occurred. After that we’ll thoroughly inspect your system. This let’s us pinpoint your problem and locate other areas that might be wearing or in need of maintenance.

Common Gas Furnace Problems Include:

  • Gas Furnace isn’t producing enough heat
  • Furnace Pilot won’t Light
  • Furnace Pilot won’t stay Lit
  • Furnace blower will not turn off

  • Furnace is too noisy when operating
  • Gas Furnace isn’t producing any heat
  • Gas Furnace cycles too frequently
  • Electronic Ignition is Malfunctioning

No matter what problems you’re having with your gas furnace, our technicians will identify it. An average furnace has a lifespan of 13 – 20 years. With regular maintenance and repairs they can last even longer. If any areas are found to need additional servicing we’ll bring them to your attention. Addressing an issue early can save on expensive repairs and multiple area failures later on.

Comprehensive Gas Furnace Repair

There are some great reasons to choose us for your gas furnace repair.
Gas Furnace Repair Glendale Arizona

  • Local Experience – All of our gas furnace technicians are highly experienced. Many have been working and living in Arizona for over a decade. We first opened for business in 1996 and were created by a 30 year HVAC veteran with the intention of providing Glendale, AZ with a one stop solution for reliable gas furnace service. We only hire technically sound employees. Our reliable diagnosis and effective repairs keep our customers returning.
  • Necessary Skills – From our technicians to our parts acquisition team, every one of our employees are highly skilled. That means quality at every step. We use brand name replacement parts for increased durability. Requiring certification and pre-employment skill testing allows us to identify and hire the best gas furnace repair experts. Scheduling is always entered in correctly, and we’re always on time. Greater skill means better service, and better service is what we’re known for.
  • Comprehensive Services– Whether you’re looking for repair work for a standard or high efficiency gas furnace, we do it. Even if we haven’t installed your furnace, we can repair it. Our technicians are experienced with every make and model. We don’t force you to call around, because our comprehensive services mean we can work on it.

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