Air Purification

Duct cleaning can provide a major air quality improvement, but what happens afterwards? Small dust particles can more easily move throughout your home. You can have regular cleanings, or you can choose the options that improves your air quality 24/7. With air purification, Glendale, AZ home owners won’t need to worry about dangerous airborne contaminants. Filtration levels depend on the system. That’s why homeowners looking for USA made, NASA tested air purification choose Sunrise Mechanical Inc.

Do you know what’s in the air you breath?

Air Purification Glendale AZ
Many homes contain contaminated air. There are many different contaminants, but the end result is the same—allergies, odors, and illness increase. Sick building syndrome has been connected to unfiltered systems recirculating contaminated air. This is a major problem for offices. In addition to viruses and dust, fine micro-particle ink spray from printer use has been linked to chronic illness. Common contaminants include:

  • Organic Contaminants – Allergy sufferers see the difference air purification can make better than anyone. Pollen sets off allergic reactions. Mildews and molds can lead to respiratory problems in healthy individuals and worse problems in compromised individuals. Black mold can cause problems as severe as death. Air purification keeps these from circulating and spreading throughout your home.
  • Viral & Bacterial Contaminants – Do you get sick frequently? Once your immune system has won a battle, it may get re-infected by your air system. The common cold isn’t the only threat you have to worry about. Strep, E-coli, staph, and other bacteria can linger, posing a continual threat without purification.
  • Dust & Odor – Odor and dust don’t stay put. Your AC system will funnel them everywhere. Dust may not always just be dust either. When cockroaches dies their exoskeletons slowly disintegrate. This can be inhaled and cause allergies in children with no previous symptoms. Are you willing to take that risk when air purification Glendale, AZ homeowners trust is so affordable?

Air purification may help if you or someone you love is suffering from:

  • Regularly running nose and sneezing.
  • Itchy, watering eyes.
  • Seems to get sick often.
  • Suffers from allergies or asthma.

  • Seasonal change brings allergies.
  • Allergic to pets and dander.
  • Sensitive to odor.
  • Sensitive to dust mites or dust.

Protect Your Home with Air Purification

Air Purification Glendale Arizona
We’re thrilled to offer the Active Pure AIR SCRUBBER air purification system. This amazing system doesn’t just capture contamination, it destroys it. With active air purification Glendale, AZ can enjoy safer, cleaner air. That’s because our system provides great benefits to your happiness and health.

Our system provides superior dust control and destroys:

  • Illness and allergy causing agents like mold, pollens, and mildews.
  • Dangerous bacteria and viruses like Strep, Staph, MRSA, E-coli, Avian Bird Flu H5N8 and more.
  • Odor causing contaminants that enter your duct system.

Take back your health with professionally installed air purification!

Our packages make it easy to get the right system for your needs. Our technicians will analyze your system before installation. This guarantees filtration compatibility. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have at every step. When you want reliable, tested, and fully backed air purification system installation, choose Sunrise Mechanical.

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There’s never been a better time for air purification Glendale, AZ homeowners can benefit from. Take advantage of our excellent financing and invest in your health. Call (602) 207-8829 or contact us for air purification today.